Made in Baguio: The Competitions

Since its launching last September, the festival secretariat received dozens of entries coming from different parts of the Cordilleras. The submissions included each participants proposed design which were then assessed based on the following criteria:

1. Originality and innovativeness of design/concept
2. Aesthetic value
3. Design feasibility

Participants were also asked to perform a skills demonstration and after weeks of submissions and auditions, Ibagiw: The Baguio Creative City Festival hereby presents the chosen finalists to the different com


Benita Naces of Paracelis, Mt. Province
Carenia Amsawen of Paracelis, Mt. Province
MontaƱosa Weavers Association of Sagada represented by Rose Wangdali
John Rae Guimbungan and Maria Kinggingan of Ifugao
Lily B. Bimuyag
Divina Calingayan and Benita Balangto
Antonia C. Dagoyen
Catherine E. Domigyay


Johnny D. Bangao & Mason Maleptey
Rovilyn Mayat-an & Romeo Mayat-an
Henedina Lota A. Bacani and Eric M. Arguelles
Randy Gawwi Bulayo
Pelin Ekin Contales
Jason D. Domling
Minda Catong Ciano
Mary Joy Tabanda


Clinton Anniversario
Edralin Galuten Matchok
Charles Aliguyon Gano
Christopher Atiwon
Alex Ognayon
Adriano Binwag Mahiwo
Randy Lang-udan


Lito F. Malaggay
Jenny Timbol
Rommel Marcelo
Clinton Anniversario 
Pamela B. Lefeber
Bongbong C. Sanchez
Marla Sylvanna Navida Soriano
Tara Lalaine B. Natividad and Ayna Luisa Galang 

The finalists will be creating their entries on-site beginning on November 11, 2019. They have a total of seven days to finish their entries and the finished works will be exhibited from November 18-24, 2019 at the Baguio Heritage Hill and Nature Park.

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